Most kids know how to "Duck and Cover" and "Stop, Drop and Roll" but does your child know what to do if they find a gun? There are currently firearms in about 1/2 of all American households and that number is increasing. Because the safety of our dojo family is paramount to us, we are bringing in Firearms Training Associates and Eddie Eagle and The Wing Team to teach our students, young and old, about gun safety.

Firearms Training Associates, a local Yorba Linda family run business, promotes Safety Through Education in all levels of firearms training. There will be a gun safety class at the Yorba Linda dojo on Tuesday, September 25th from 6pm - 8pm where the kids will learn to "Stop! Don't Touch! Run Away! Tell A Grown Up!". Adults will also learn about how to keep your home safe, how to deter burglars and gun safety side by side with their children in this relaxed, family friendly class. All members of the community are welcome to attend. Bring your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues to make sure that all of our children learn this very important lesson.

The class is $25 per person for the first 3 family members and the rest of the family is free. Click the button below to fill out the registration form. Please return the registration form to the dojo by September 20th. Registration forms are also available at the dojo. Get signed up early to make sure you get a spot!

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