Life Skills and Character

Something for the kids and something for the parents. Every teen wants to be involved in something they can be proud of and express themselves in. Our school offers just that. And it gives parents the catalyst for success in their future. For ages 12-15.
Fun for Teenagers:

Ever wish you could do something really freaking cool. The Martial Arts is one of the most exciting hobbies anyone can get into. Watch any martial arts movie and you can learn to do the same thing too. Do you like the UFC and the respect the martial arts can bring? Cool, then you will love USSD of North OC.

Results for Parents:

Exciting things happen to our teenage students. Better grades, focus in school, respect for friends, confidence in life, and a solid work ethic that will translate into a successful adult life. Do you have kids going to college? Give them the tools to keep themselves safe while away from home. Have kids looking to get into a competitive school? Students that can show that they can set a goal and stick to it, such as attaining a high rank in martial arts, are very attractive to colleges.

We all need a little motivation to find out what our possibilities are. Training like this takes time and dedication but it is possible to achieve for anyone who wishes to try.

New Students: what to expect

Expect to find top level professional instruction amongst students eager to learn the most modern martial arts available. Learn to kick, punch, block, evade, and defend yourself with ease. Our curriculum includes forms (choreographed moves), empty hand techniques, sparring combinations, boxing combinations, weapon defense, grab defenses and much much (much) more.

Learn the principles of the martial arts. Effort (diligence), Etiquette, Sincerity, Self-Control, and Character (virtue) is an example of our core principles that we teach our young adults. Build strength, coordination, flexibility, agility, and precision that only the martial arts can give. Expect to have fun and expect to achieve something awesome.

Safety is essential to USSD.  Statistically you are much less likely to be injured in the martial arts than any other organized sport. The community at USSD North OC is one of understanding and cooperation. Team spirit and the understanding of safety are taught early and is developed outward from there.

Tactically effective self defense can be gained in a few short months. Shaolin Kempo, by nature, is easy to pick up and simple to understand in the early stages of training but offers a depth of training that can only be given by the most complex of the martial arts. It is a complete martial art. Teamed up with our professional and highly experienced instructors, it is powerhouse of martial knowledge.

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